The Human Side of S.T.E.M.


Behind every revolutionary idea, groundbreaking discovery, or impossible achievement are the real people who’s passions, personalities, and experiences enabled them to change the world.


We believe in showcasing these people and sharing their stories so they may inspire, guide, and entertain the next generation of MindGiants.

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”
– I. Newton


Fredo darling

Editor in Chief

Fredo believes the only content worth spreading is that which inspires others. After years creating award-winning content for global brands, he decided to combine his passions for science and people to create the first magazine exclusively dedicated to the human side of S.T.E.M.

Yvens lebrun

Marketing Director

Yvens believes in the power of great storytelling. Having helped countless brands share their stories and reach their media, marketing, and communications goals, he has now turned his attention to inspiring the S.T.E.M. community.

Renee smith

Managing Editor

Renee lives to help writers improve and develop their voices in the worlds of publishing, literature, and journalism. In addition to having created a literary magazine for Boston’s writing community and organizing a co-op neighborhood library, she is also an avid poet.

Lyndsey Trawinski


Lyndsey is a behind the scenes rockstar. Always obsessed with details, she believes the key to great writing is a careful blend of creativity, accuracy, and context. She’s at her best when working on content she cares about while surrounded by the animals she loves.